Spanish Solicitors Dublin: Meet Our Bilingual Team

Spanish Solicitors Dublin

As we announced earlier this month, we now provide bilingual legal advice thanks to the skills of our new staff member, Alice Oliveira. No matter what field of law we practice in, we are always looking to improve on the services offered, which is why we’re now extra proud to announce that we have already begun to expand on our bilingual services with our latest hire, Agueda Kaltakian, the first member of our Spanish Solicitors Dublin team.

Agueda is a Spanish speaking lawyer from Spain who has extensive experience in multiple aspects of the law. Though she is a part of our conveyancing department, she is currently registering with the Law Society of Ireland in order to offer her full range of expertise, and is ready to assist our legal team in any way she can, particularly in matters of Spanish to English translation.

If you are looking for professional legal advice in Ireland but would like to discuss your requirements in Spanish, Agueda is ready to offer assistance in areas such as personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, or any other legal issue you would like to have resolved.

Call her today on (01) 454 5000. And if you’d like to learn more about how the team at Anthony Joyce & Co. can help you, make sure to keep on reading.

Spanish Solicitors Dublin

Our team will take the time to understand your case

If you’re looking to work with a Spanish solicitors Dublin team, you might be happy with who you find simply because Agueda Kaltakian is Spanish and speaks the same language as you. However, providing quality legal services requires much more than that.

As we have said many times before, the team at Anthony Joyce & Co believe that building a strong case isn’t possible without fully understanding every aspect of it. That means we will take as much time as necessary to discuss your issue and make sure that we ask every question in the interest of getting is resolved.

We will communicate with you throughout the legal process

When we work with any of our clients, we are always aware that a lot more goes into good communication than simply speaking the same language. This is as true for our Irish clients as it is for our Portuguese, Brazilian or Spanish ones.

A major part of this is being available to answer your questions immediately. Trusting your case with our Spanish solicitors Dublin team means that we will always be ready to take your calls and answer your emails so that you can let us know any relevant information at any time.

You will receive regular updates

Many solicitors will take your case and not let you know how it’s progressing until months down the line. You should make sure you know how to find a more proactive team by reading some consumer guides. More importantly though, our Spanish solicitors Dublin team want you to know that your legal matters are being handled in a professional, efficient manner, which is why we stay in touch throughout the entire process so that you can expect to get an update anytime something important happens.

No extra charge for our bilingual services

When you begin to look for the best solicitors in Dublin, you might be afraid that asking for bilingual assistance could create some extra charges. Because we truly believe that providing quality service in a language that suits you shouldn’t come at an extra cost, you’ll always be able to call Agueda if you need to talk in Spanish. This will allow you to say exactly what you want to say, and make sure you completely understand the factors of your case.

Call our Spanish solicitors Dublin team

If you want to work with our Portuguese solicitors Dublin team, get in touch by calling: (01) 454 5000 – we’re ready to work on your case today.

Anthony Joyce

Anthony founded Anthony Joyce & Co. Solicitors in March 2004 in the oldest part of Dublin known as the Liberties (originally a tax free part of Dublin!!). He is focused on building the practice in certain niche areas of law such as financial litigation and personal insolvency. Entrepreneurship is in his blood and he is on the board of a number of start-ups. If Anthony is not available he could be watching a SpaceX rocket launch, spending time with his two children or playing 5-a-side.

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