GP Negligence

If subpar care from your General Practitioner (GP) has led to a health mishap or deteriorated condition, you may have grounds for a claim in negligence. Such malpractice typically indicates a shortfall in the professional skill level required of your GP.

Criteria for Proving GP Negligence:

As per legislation, to validate a medical negligence claim, two core aspects need to be met:

  1. An established professional relationship between the patient and the practitioner before the adverse event occurred.
  2. The practitioner’s negligence played a substantial role in causing or exacerbating the patient’s mishap, ailment, or deteriorated health condition.

It’s essential not only to highlight the negligence but also to demonstrate its direct bearing on your condition.

Proving Specific Elements of GP Negligence

The claim must also focus on key elements specific to the medical situation:

  1. Skill Deficiency: Evidence must be presented to illustrate that the GP did not apply the skill or knowledge necessary at the time which would be reasonably expected of a professional under those circumstances.
  2. Specialist Referral Significance: If your condition required specialist attention, it should be shown that a timely referral from your GP could have led to a better health outcome. This underscores the GP’s failure to navigate you through the proper channels for adequate care.
  3. Avoidable Deterioration: Finally, the claim should establish that because you were not referred to a specialist in a timely manner, you suffered an avoidable decline in your health, which could have been prevented with the appropriate care.

Common GP Negligence Scenarios:

The range of potential GP negligence scenarios is broad, and claims often stem from situations including, but not limited to:

  • Inadequate Investigations: Not fully exploring patient symptoms.
  • Misdiagnosis: Wrong or missed diagnosis.
  • Referral Failures: No specialist referral when necessary.
  • Test Result Errors: Ignoring or mishandling critical results.
  • Record-Keeping Issues: Inaccurate patient records.
  • Prescription Mistakes: Wrong medications or dosages prescribed.
  • Medication Review Failures: Overlooking medication side effects or interactions.

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