Commercial property solicitors

Our Commercial Property Department is recognised as outstanding in Ireland.

Our team of Commercial property Solicitors have detailed knowledge of the Irish property market and keep up to date with evolving market trends. Our firm maintains close contact with leading intermediaries within the market and is a regular contributor to property industry events in Ireland.

We Offer a comprehensive range of services which ensures that we have the knowledge and expertise to advise on any real estate transactions within Ireland. Areas of our expertise include:

Property Leasing

On the commercial lease front, the team at Anthony Joyce & Co. solicitors Dublin have extensive experience dealing with both the landlord and tenant sides of contracts. Because of this, we have a distinct overview of the entire process and are ready to advise on a number of issues that might crop up.

Property Development

In property development the journey can be long and hard. From planning permission to the finalisation of finance agreements, you’ll need a reliable and communicative solicitor on your side to get the project from first inkling to finished structure. On top of this, we’re ready to advise on both planning and environmental issues that can sometimes be quite the set of hurdles to overcome.

Property Investment

Buying and selling aren’t the only options available to a person on the commercial property market. It’s worthwhile considering an investment. We can advise on what structures you should take an interest in, as well take you through the many tax and investment laws that you’ll have to deal with in the course of your investment.

Property Litigation

If you have a dispute that requires the matter to become a case of property litigation, our team of commercial property solicitors are ready to help resolve the problem. We have experience helping tenants, landlords, property developers and many local authorities and public bodies. With our mediation, we’re sure your dispute will be resolved fairly in a quick and cost effective manner.


Whatever your goal on the commercial property market, chances are there’ll be some form of taxation involved. It might be the case that you’re being taxed heavily or that you’re being rewarded with some tax incentives. In either case, we have the know-how to make sure it’s all dealt with efficiently.

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