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There could be many reasons why you are looking for solicitors in Dublin. It could be because you are purchasing a property, considering making a personal injury* claim, going through bankruptcy, or maybe you need help with family law.  Whatever the reason, Anthony Joyce & Co we will have the experts to assist you.

Property Solicitors In Dublin

Buying a property will be the largest purchase most of us ever make. There are many legal processes involved, and making sure it is done correctly is important. Failure to perform the proper checks in the early stages can lead to heartache later on.

The majority of property purchases are between private individuals, although there is normally an estate agent involved. The seller may be as unaware of some of the Irish property laws as the buyer, which is why you should engage a professional property solicitor for help.

Just a few of the aspects that need considering are:

  • Is the property freehold or leasehold?
  • What sort of title is it – Land Registry or Registry of Deeds?
  • What results will searches produce – is there going to be a large commercial estate built nearby in a couple of years, for example?

You can rest assured the property solicitors at Anthony Joyce and Co will make sure everything is in order. We also use our contacts and expertise to help you obtain your mortgage.

Employment Law Solicitors

Employment law in Ireland is complex for both employers and employees. There are rules and regulations concerning all areas of employment, from allowed breaks to maternity leave, from sick pay to minimum wage. Employers should be aware of them all, but with constant amendments it is very easy to miss a change in the employment legislation in Ireland.

If you think your employer has treated you unfairly, or you are an employer who has had a complaint made against them, our employment law solicitors are here to help you fight your case.

Personal Injury* Solicitors

Being injured in an accident can change your life forever. The frustration of this can be made even worse if the accident was the fault of someone else.  It could be a road traffic accident, an accident at work, or an accident in a public place. They can happen anywhere at any time, and usually when we least expect them.

Apart from the pain and suffering you have been forced to endure, accidents often bring extra expenses and sometimes a loss of earnings. This should all be accounted for when a claim is being made, as should any other affects on your life.

Personal injury* law is a minefield of information, and it’s vital your case is represented in the proper manner. If you are looking for personal injury* solicitors in Dublin to assist you with your claim, we guarantee we will do everything to win your claim on your behalf.

Bilingual Solicitors In Dublin

With more people than ever moving to different countries within Europe there are large numbers of people living in places that do not speak their native language. This can be a problem if you need help from solicitors in Dublin, and this is why we are building our bilingual team.

  • Agueda Kaltakian is the first member of our Spanish speaking team. Experienced in multiple areas of law, and registered with the Law Society of Ireland, Agueda is the person to see if you need a Spanish-speaking solicitor.

Any foreign nationals in Dublin who need assistance will appreciate our accommodating team.

Making A Will With Help From Solicitors in Dublin

Making a will can ease so much pressure for those left behind when they lose a loved one. If everything is clearly laid out it can stop arguments and bad feeling among family members and friends. It can be straightforward and not expensive to sort, if you use the right solicitors.

Some people try to write a will themselves, but for the sake of the cost involved to have it written professionally, it’s not worth the risk in getting it wrong. It is too easy for the layman to use incorrect wording, possibly leading to a will being contested.

Make sure your will says exactly what you want it to, that you have chosen the right executor and it is signed in front of two witnesses. Our team of wills and probate solicitors are on hand to assist you with your will.

Finding The Best Solicitors

We believe the team we have built at Anthony Joyce & Co is the best around. We have over 13 years experience helping clients with all aspects of Irish law. It does not matter whether you need solicitors for a personal injury* claim, a property transaction, to help you through bankruptcy, for assistance with employment law, for guidance with family law or to help you write your will. We have the experts to help you.

Established in 2004, we have been working tirelessly to our clients all over Ireland. We appreciate you’re not a solicitor, so we make sure we speak in simple terms and avoid industry jargon. This means we can communicate well with our clients, and we are always approachable.

Whatever area of the law you need assistance with, we strive to keep the process as simple and stress free as possible. If you need legal help why not give us a call today on (01) 906 0211 and discover how we can help take the weight off your shoulders. You will soon realise you have found the best solicitors in Dublin and your case is in safe hands.

Anthony Joyce

Anthony founded Anthony Joyce & Co. Solicitors in March 2004 in the oldest part of Dublin known as the Liberties (originally a tax free part of Dublin!!). He is focused on building the practice in certain niche areas of law such as financial litigation and personal insolvency. Entrepreneurship is in his blood and he is on the board of a number of start-ups. If Anthony is not available he could be watching a SpaceX rocket launch, spending time with his two children or playing 5-a-side.

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