Holiday accidents

We all love a holiday. It’s a well earned break and a chance for some down time either with or without the family.

However holiday accidents can turn a memory of a lifetime into a memory for all the wrong reasons. In some circumstances the impact of an injury overseas can have a lasting effect long after the holiday has finished.

When an accident happens on holiday, particularly abroad, it can be a particularly stressful matter to deal with. At Anthony Joyce & Co. Solicitors we look to take the stress out of what can often be an extremely traumatic experience.

Our specialist team of holiday accident solicitors will guide you through the claims process and ensure you receive expert advice and assistance at all times. If you have suffered an injury or illness whilst on holiday you may be entitled to compensation. In some circumstances the first obstacle to overcome can even be getting home.

Our dedicated team can help you achieve legal redress when you or one of your vacation companions have been injured on an overseas holiday.

In some situations this case can be relatively straightforward and against the holiday package provider here in Ireland. In other situations however, where you have been injured on holiday or overseas and you were not on a package holiday, our team can sometimes bring your case to an Irish Court.

If this is not possible, rest assured we have the experience necessary to manage the case for you in an overseas Court.

Package Holiday accidents:

The Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act, 1995 places obligations under contract on package holiday organisers, irrespective of whether a service is negligently performed by a third party abroad such as a resort or hotel for instance.

A package holiday can be described as essentially one which includes transport and accommodation. When making a personal injury claim arising from an incident whilst on holiday is far from straightforward and expert legal advice should always be sought.

If you have suffered an injury or illness whilst on a package holiday, it may be possible to pursue a claim for compensation in Ireland against the tour operator even if the accident happened abroad.

Some common package holiday accidents include:

  • Slips, trips and fall accidents on the hotel or apartment premises.
  • Road traffic accidents or other transport accidents.
  • Accidents involving on or off site amenities eg. swimming pools
  • Accidents while on a planned excursion.
  • Food poisoning.

What to do if you experience a holiday accident

  • If you have had an accident whilst on holiday or when travelling abroad it is important to:
  • As soon as possible report the accident to the hotel or resort manager and to your tour operator representative. Make sure that the accident is fully noted and recorded.
  • If you have been injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible. If medical attention is initially received locally you should on your return home attend your G.P. for a medical assessment.
  • Look for and take details of any witnesses to the incident and if possible include their name, address and contact numbers.
  • If possible take photographs of the accident scene.
  • Seek expert legal advice upon your arrival home.

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