How To Make A Personal Injury* Claim After A Car Accident

Making A Personal Injury Car Accident Claim

If you feel a little bewildered at the idea of pursuing a personal injury* claim, have a quick read over our simple guide to how to make a personal injury* claim after a car accident. Afterall, it can be difficult enough to know what to prioritise when you experience a light fender-bender, but when you add to that the problem of a personal injury*, it can become even more confusing to discern which issues need to be addressed first.

Making Personal Injury Claims For Car Accidents

1. Do Not Accept Any Settlements Until You Consult A Solicitor

Perhaps you believe you have only suffered a minor car accident and that your injury will not last long. In such a case you might feel that you’ll be lucky to receive whatever small sum you’ve been offered.

In many cases, this could be a mistake.

You do not know the long-term effects of your injury. What seems small now could be a major problem down the line.

On top of which, the insurance company who is offering you the settlement does not necessarily have your best interest at heart.

If you would like to know what sum is fair in your particular case, it is recommended that you talk to a qualified personal injury* solicitor.

2. Gather As Much Information As Possible

In legal matters, it shouldn’t surprise you that knowledge is power.

The more information you have on the accident, the easier it will be to make a road accident claim.

Car registrations from the accident scene are a simple but extremely helpful thing to have written down, and if you exchanged insurance information with the other driver then make sure that you hold onto that too.

You can always get in touch with a solicitor if you don’t have this information directly at hand, but you should be aware that you will be asked for it when it comes time to preparing your case.

3. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions

In many instances, people do not receive a fair settlement for their injuries because they were afraid to ask about their rights.

There could be complications, such as if you experienced the accident while you were working. You might not even be sure how accountable you are for the accident in the first place.

It is completely normal to be unsure about whether you can pursue a personal injury* claim for a car accident, but you should be aware that good solicitors are always ready to talk about your case and answer any questions you might have.

Remember, nobody expects you to be an expert on law.

Our team are always available to help, so if you’ve had a car accident and need to make a claim, make sure to drop us a line and we can get working on your case today.

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