Going To Court: What Should You Expect?

Day at court

Going to court creates a lot of stress. Even in cases where you’re expecting to have a problem resolved to your satisfaction, the idea of entering that enormous building, standing under a judge, and being cross-examined by a barrister whom you’ve never met before can cause a great deal of anxiety.

We understand.

In large part, a lot of the nervousness involved is more a fear of the unknown than anything else. That’s why our established solicitors firm in Dublin will always prepare you for what’s ahead – they want you to feel comfortable and that you’re in good hands.

You’ll Be Guided The Entire Way

Whatever fears you have about being lost among all the big rooms can be put to rest, because the first thing any solicitor will say about your big day in court is that you are not alone.

As the person you’ve discussed your case with most, your solicitor will meet you at the court and be with you at each step along the way.

You’ll Have A Rehearsal First

On the morning of the court case, you can expect your solicitor and legal team to organise a pre-trial consultation.

Your barrister will be present and your legal team will bring you through relevant stages of the court case that you might need to be ready for.

The last thing anybody wants is for you to feel unprepared.

This means your legal team might even rehearse expected questions that you’ll have to face. The mock examination can become quite comprehensive, but it’s all with the intention of making you feel comfortable about what’s ahead.

Your Case Might Be Delayed Until Another Day

You probably want to get your case over with in a timely manner.

While we understand how upsetting it can be to have your case delayed until another day, you should be aware that it is actually a rather common occurrence.

What’s more, if your case is put off to another date, this can sometimes become an opportunity to discuss settlements and other matters.

Regardless, you should still dress your best on your first day in court. You never know when you’ll be called up!

Cross Examination And The Judges Decision

When you give evidence, the defendant’s barrister will likely want to cross-examine you.

As you already know, you will have been prepared for this, and afterwards your own legal team will be able to question the defendant’s information.

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of your court case will be waiting for the judge’s decision.

This can be announced in a matter of minutes, or, if the case requires the judge to consider the evidence more closely, it can take a much longer time. Either way, you should rest assured that a good solicitor will keep you informed of what is happening at every turn.

Even when you take all of this into account, you still might feel hesitant about pursuing a court case.

If you’re unsure about making a personal injury* claim  for a car accident, a personal injury case in general, or any other legal problem, you can talk to a member of our team. We are always ready to listen and offer advice on your case.

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