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Personal injury solicitors specialise in claims for people who have been injured in an accident that was not their fault. Accidents happen in hundreds of different ways, some happen on the roads, some can be accidents at work, or sometimes people have suffered because of medical negligence. However you have been injured the law recognises that if you were not to blame, you should not have to endure the pain and financial losses without recompense from the responsible party.

Call Personal Injury Solicitors After An Accident At Work

All employers have a legal duty to ensure the working environment is safe for their employees to perform their job. Health and safety is an important part of running any business, no matter what the trade or profession is. The process should start with a risk assessment. Any potential hazards or dangers identified should be eradicated if possible. If any danger still exists, employees need to be made aware of it and the hazardous area should be clearly signposted to provide a warning.

Too often personal injury solicitors are asked to help make a claim when employers have not done a risk assessment on a regular basis, so their safety policy has not been updated. It could have needed updating because a new piece of machinery had been installed, or the office layout had been changed. Not assessing the risks can lead to an employee being injured in an accident that was not their fault, which can result in a personal injury claim being made against the employer.

Keep Walkways Clear

One of the most common accidents in all workplaces is people slipping or tripping over something that should not have been there. Walkways should always be kept free of spillages and obstacles, or cordoned off so any potential danger is obvious. Some employers complain about the costs of health and safety, but it costs nothing to ensure employees can move about safely without the risk of coming to harm.

Sometimes potential dangers don’t appear to pose much of a risk. Some gravy spilled on a restaurant floor doesn’t immediately strike you as a serious threat. If a waiter was walking past with a tray of boiling soups a customer could suffer very nasty burns. Consider what the consequences could be if you tripped over a trailing wire and landed on a piece of moving machinery. Many serious injuries result from this type of accident and most of them could have very easily been prevented. It is not unusual for personal injury solicitors to have to deal with claims resulting from someone slipping or tripping in a walkway at work.

Provide Adequate Training

Being adequately trained to do your job can remove a lot of the risks. Knowing how to operate a piece of equipment and making sure it has all its safety guards in place helps enormously, ensuring your safety your while you are in your workplace. If you work in the care sector you need to be trained in the correct methods of lifting and moving the people you are looking after. Electricians, plumbers and solicitors all need training to be able to perform their jobs correctly.

These are just a few examples. All jobs need training of some sort, and that training can help to reduce the number of workplace accidents personal injury solicitors are asked to make personal injury claims for.

Ensure Employees Have The Correct Protective Clothing

There are some jobs where having the correct protective clothing is vital. If you work with chemicals you should be provided with the necessary protective clothing to make sure you are adequately protected from potential dangers. If you work in the construction industry a hard hat is very important, and if your job involves working with detergents, something simple like latex gloves can prevent you from developing certain skin disorders.

Employers should provide whatever protective clothing, or other safety gear is needed, free of any charge to the employee and should always make sure it is replaced when worn.

Employees Should Abide By The Health and safety Rules

When an employer has carried out their risk assessment it will help them to formulate their Safety Statement. All employees should be made aware of this and should ensure they abide by it.

Employees should never behave in a way that would put himself or herself or anyone else in danger. They should not be at work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they should report any equipment defects to their employers immediately.

Ignorance Is No Excuse

Employers need to take matters regarding health and safety in the workplace very seriously. Saying they were unaware of something is not acceptable. All they need to know is available on the website of the Health and Safety Authority. If they cannot find what they’re looking for they can call or email the HSA, who will give them all the help they need.

The HSA are there to help reduce accidents in workplaces and they will do all they can to help and advise both employers and employees.

Finding The Best Personal Injury Solicitors For Your Claim

The best personal injury solicitors Dublin has to offer are here at Anthony Joyce & Co.  We have many years experience dealing with personal injury claims for all types of accidents, and have the expertise you need to give your claim its best chance of success. We understand the trauma you have been through and will endeavour to make your claim experience as stress free as we can. Your claim will include consideration for your pain and suffering. With a successful claim you can also recoup some of the costs and losses accidents inevitably bring with them.

For more information about how we can help you, why not give us a call today on 01 906 0211, or complete our contact form and we will get in touch.

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