5 Top Tips for Making a Will in Ireland

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Are you considering making a will? Maybe like many others you feel daunted or even afraid by the process. Or what about the cost? Well here’s a list of 5 top tips on making a will in Ireland, to make sure the process is as straight forward as possible. 

Making a Will in Ireland

No one likes to think about making a will, but it’s important to have arrangements in place to ensure your family is taken care of. Making a will can be quite straightforward and it won’t cost the earth provided you’re aware of the major pitfalls.

1. Choose Your Solicitor Wisely

Yes, you can draw up your own will at home, but the process is riddled with pitfalls and errors are very easy to make. Solicitors make a great deal more money fixing badly drafted wills and dealing with claims against those wills, than they do drawing up wills.

So, unless you’re extremely confident and have extensively research how to make a legal will, it’s advisable that you seek some professional legal assistance.

2. Pick the Right Executer

Executors are responsible for exercising your estate in accordance with your instructions, after you die. So, it’s very important that you chose your executors well. It can be a very demanding role and often involves handling large sums of money so choosing the right person is important.

Not everyone will be happy to take on this responsibility. Make sure whoever you chose is aware of the responsibility and is happy to take it on.

3. Select a Substitute Executor

If you’re married, you’ll probably choose your spouse as your will’s executor. However, it’s important to choose a substitute executor.

In the event that both you and your spouse are in an accident, without a substitute executor there will be no one to execute your wills.

This is especially important if you and your partner have young children. So, make sure you always appoint a substitute executer, in the event that your will’s executer is unwilling or unable to carry out their duties.

4. Sign it!

It’s all well and good having your will drafted, but if you don’t sign it in front of two witnesses, it won’t be valid. This means that all the time and effort that has gone into drawing up your will, will have been for nothing.

5. Store it Safely

Once your will has been correctly signed and witnessed, make sure you store it correctly. There’s no point hiding it somewhere that it can’t be found after your death.

Do make sure that you store it somewhere that it’s protected from fire, flood, damage and loss. Your will executors will be provided with a certificate showing them where your will is being stored and how they can get hold of it in the event of your death.

If you need help making a will in Ireland, get in contact with Anthony Joyce solicitors. With years of experience drawing up wills, our team can advise you on the best course of action when making your will. Or read more on making a will on Citizens Information

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