BANK OF IRELAND: Central Credit Register “Error”

Bank of Ireland is writing 16,000 apology letters to customers after failing to properly record and report customers’ overdrafts as being fully cleared.

The Bank continued to show overdrafts as “active” rather than “closed.”

The apology letters note that the error has been corrected but do not offer any level of compensation or redress.

Customers may have been adversely affected by this error if you applied for and were refused credit before the Bank took the steps to correct your Credit record. This may have negatively impacted your financial health and led to other losses.

If so, it may be worth taking the matter further and writing a formal complaint to the Bank setting out your position and how you have been impacted.

We are assisting clients with complaints and will take the complaint as far as possible to ensure you get more than just an apology.

Anthony Joyce

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