€200,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Injured in Road Traffic Accident

Our client, a pedestrian injured in an unfortunate incident, was crossing at a pedestrian crossing when a motor vehicle, previously stationary, moved forward and knocked him to the ground. The incident resulted in immediate and alarming pain in our client’s right ankle.

An ambulance was called and he was brought to hospital where it was confirmed that he sustained a comminuted displaced fracture involving the neck and the body of the talus of  his right ankle with initially subtalar dislocation. The client required emergency surgery, extensive rehabilitation and pain management.

Due to the significance and complexity of the accident, the Injuries Board advised that they were not in a position to assess the case.

Accordingly, proceedings were initiated and the case proceeded to trial. The Court heard evidence from our client’s Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon that it was the most difficult ankle fracture of its kind that he had ever fixed.

The dedicated team at Anthony Joyce & Co Solicitors were ultimately successful in negotiating a settlement for the sum of €200,000.00 to include monies for future treatment. Our adept Solicitor Shane Walsh worked closely with our client throughout the process to a successful conclusion.


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